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Managing Node Version and Editor

Switching between different version of NodeJS:

Sometimes when we create our Node applications, it's going to be necessary to check or test our apps between different versions of Node just to make sure that everything is still working as expected.

Now there are a few tools that we can use to help us do this. If you are in a Linux based environment, you may use a tool such as NVM so that's a Node module. We are in a Windows based environment, so we are going to be using another Node module called NVMW as below.

[To test That, Create app.js and type console.log(process.version)  and execute it using 'node app.js' , before and after changing the current version]

C:\Manab>npm install -g nvmw

C:\Manab>nvmw install v0.10.26

C:\Manab>nvmw use v0.10.26

When I use nvmw in this command prompt, in the shell, it really is only valid for this shell.

To deactivate the older version in the current command prompt , just type below command :

C:\Manab>nvmw deactivate

Node JS Editor :

The Mostly used Editor is Sublime Text, could be downloaded from below location

You could use , Node js Tools Visual Studio(NTVS) also as a NodeJS IDE

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