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Configure responses from a Node.js web server

we can customize or configure the type of response that we send back in our application. And to help us in this demo, we are going to be using the "connect" module, which is a framework that's going to allow us to easily plug in functionality to our HTTP server.

Step 1: Run "npm init"

Step 2 : Insert all required parameter in 'npm init' and create the start page 'index.js'.

Step 3: In package.json , add the dependencies as below

"dependencies": {
"Connect": "*"

Step 4 :

var connect=require('connect');

var app=connect()

 if(req.url == "/hello")
  console.log("sending plain");
  res.end("Hello from app");

 else if(req.url == "/hello.json")
  console.log("sending json");
  var data = "Hello";
  var jsonData = JSON.stringify(data);
  res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');

 else if(req.url == "/hello404")
  console.log("sending 404 status code")
  res.statusCode = 404;
  res.end("Oops, could not find something");

res.end("I am listening");


console.log("listening at port 1111");

Step 5: Run the application by 'node index.js' and try 'http://localhost:1111/hello' in browser

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