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Estimation using Fuction Point Analysis-EIF,ILF(Part 3)

What is External Interface File(EIF):

EIF is a user-indentifiable logically related data which is utilized by the applicatin but maintained by some other application.They are not maintained by the application.
For example,if you are using credit card information,or using some kind of payment gateway that are only referencing and application don't have the control directly,then this file ise a EIF.

Complexity Table of EIF:
It depends on two things:
-Record Element type(RET):They are logical sub groupings of DET from user view point.If there is no logical grouping of data then we consider it as one RET. In the following context there are several phone number for a customer,but they are logically grouping.

-Data Element Type(DET):Counting of DET doesn't change for EIF,EI,EO,EQ .

EIF complexity table:

What is Internal Logical File(ILF):
An ILF is a user identifiable group of logically related data maintained by the application.
Application have directly control on ILF.
Identify ILF's:
Stored internal to the application
Maintained through a standarized process of application.
User identified.
Temp file are not count as ILF's.

In the above context if your client thing that there is only one phone number for a customer but still you have maintained it in two tables for scale up your application,then you have to count 1 ILF ,but if a customer has multiple phone number and you require two table(master & details) then the ILF should be 2.

Complexity of ILF: It depends on two things:
-Record Element type(RET)
-Data Element Type(DET)
Complexity Table of ILF:

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