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Estimation using Fuction Point Analysis-EO,EQ(Part 2)

What is External Output(EO)?
External Output(EO)-EO's are functions which manipulate data and present to the user.
Manipulation means derived and calculated informaton.
Some of real time EO examples are(becuse it need complex query along with the calculation) -
-Balance sheet report
-Customer monthly statement
-Complex graphical charts like bar chart ,pie chart etc.
If the same EO data is produced on two different media output should be counted as two EO's.In short if the same data is sent on a web page and also on a mobile will be counted as 2 EO's.
Graphical output of data in Pie chart ,bar chart etc should be counted as EO's.
If a report is generated by report generator it should be counted as EO.One EI should be counted for each report command like search ,sort ,merge etc generated by report generator.

What are not EO's?
ADHOC reporting where the end user can fire SQL and generate report is not a EO.For example ,if you have made a simple query window where the end user can fire and get the data are not EO.
Two report showing the different data with same processing logic (suppose one query output is ascending order and another is descending order)should be counted as on EO

Complexity of EO:
Like EI,Complexity of EO is depends on File type reference(FTR) and Data element type(DET)
DET are fields and attributes.
DET should be unique and user recognizable.
Count DET for each parameter in the report.Suppose you are generating reports based on the user input i.e Cust ID and Cust Name,then the DTE is 2
Count DET for each numerical value in a graphical output.Suppose you are showing graph which showing percentage value or other numeric value,you need to count the DET.
Count DET for summary and totalling fields.Suppose yoy are showing each month summery profit and total year profit ,then you should count 1 DET.
Complexity Table for EO:
Like EI,you can determine the complexity of EO from the Complexity table of EO as follows-

What is External Quaries(EQ):
EQ is a unique request for retrieving data.
EQ does not update any ILF's or EIF's.
EQ doesnot contain derived data it simply retrieves the information where EO retrives complex calculated data.Suppose in customer screen ,customer dropdown is EO because it direct fetch data from Customer Master table.

Example of EQ:
Dynamic dropdown or list display
Simple reports displayed from a single table without data manipulation
Section of data retrieval based on input.
Different graphical display request by a user should be counted as EQ.
Help functionality which displays help text or field sensitive help will be counted as one EQ Perscreen.Suppose you have a screen where F1 key press shows the help,then the EQ will be 1 for that.

Complexity of EO: Like EI,EO,Complexity of EQ is depends on File type reference(FTR) and Data element type(DET)

Complexity Table for EQ:

But remember for complex Query ,calculated output you should consider EO and for simple query you should consider EQ(EQ just go for one ILF and displays information)

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