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Introduction to Sharepoint.

The following topics describes the introduction of sharepoint,why we will use sharepoint,what is the important of sharepoint....

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 is built entirely on ASP.NET so you use the same familiar .NET languages, the same .NET Framework and ASP.NET class libraries and the same development tools.

It brings many out of the features that developers can built on.
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 adds foundational features that are valuable for creating web based applications such as a web part framework, data lists, document libraries, workflow runtime, and web site templates. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 adds major application features on top of this again including user site provisioning, business intelligence features, forms services, content management, integrated search and social networking features. All of these features can be built on by developers to extend them and to implement simple web dashboards to major line of business applications.

It is the best integrated server for office applications
If you need to store Office documents as part of your web application then SharePoint Products and Technologies is the answer. Office client applications including Word, Excel, Outlook and InfoPath can be easily used as part of an enterprise application based on SharePoint.

It is the framework for a wide varity of intranet or internet application:
For end users SharePoint has lots of out of the box functionality. But for developers SharePoint is an application framework that they can build on. Because SharePoint developers are building on the same application framework as SharePoint uses for end user functionality developer skills can be reused, applications will look consistent and applications can be managed in a consistent way. If a company already has SharePoint deployed then it’s easy to add additional applications to that deployment.

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