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Application Architecture

Application Architecture Guide Book for Microsoft .Net Patterns

The purpose of the Application Architecture Guide 2.0 is to improve your effectiveness building
applications on the Microsoft platform. The primary audience is solution architects and
developer leads. The guide will provide design-level guidance for the architecture and design of
applications built on the .NET Platform. It focuses on the most common types of applications,
partitioning application functionality into layers, components, and services, and walks through
their key design characteristics.

Application Architecture Guide Book for Microsoft .Net Patterns and Practise V2.0 is Released

Download Book Application Architechture Guide V2.0

PartsPart I,
Fundamentals Part II,
DesignPart III,
LayersPart IV,

Architecture and Design Solutions At a Glance
Fast Track
Part I, Fundamentals
Chapter 1 - Fundamentals of Application Architecture
Chapter 2 - .NET Platform Overview
Chapter 3 - Architecture and Design Guidelines
Part II, Design
Chapter 4 - Designing Your Architecture
Chapter 5 - Deployment Patterns
Chapter 6 - Architectural Styles
Chapter 7 - Quality Attributes
Chapter 8 - Communication Guidelines
Part III, Layers
Chapter 9 - Layers and Tiers
Chapter 10 - Presentation Layer Guidelines
Chapter 11 - Business Layer Guidelines
Chapter 12 - Data Access Layer Guidelines
Chapter 13 - Service Layer Guidelines
Part IV, Archetypes
Chapter 14 - Application Archetypes
Chapter 15 - Web Applications
Chapter 16 - Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
Chapter 17 - Rich Client Applications
Chapter 18 - Services
Chapter 19 - Mobile Applications
Chapter 20 - Office Business Applications (OBA)
Chapter 21 - SharePoint Line-Of-Business (LOB) Applications
Cheat Sheet - patterns & practices Pattern Catalog
Cheat Sheet - Presentation Technology Matrix
Cheat Sheet - Data Access Technology Matrix
Cheat Sheet - Workflow Technology Matrix
Cheat Sheet - Integration Technology Matrix

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neo said...

thanks for the .net architecture book link, the book is just great, it is very useful for concept for the software developers.