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Install NodeJS without Admin Right

1)Download nodejs from below location and extract to some local folder

2)Download npm from the below location and extract to some local folder

3)Set PATH Variable either by below command or from Environment variable setting in your computer, when you have access

4)Set up NPM when its behind proxy
npm config set proxy http://proxy:port
npm config set https-proxy https://proxy:port
or with credential
npm config set proxy http://username:password@proxy:port
npm config set https-proxy https://username:password@proxy:port

5)Test by the below command
>node -v
>npm -v
Check the current setting by following comment :
npm config ls -l

Remove the Proxy set as above step 4 :
npm config rm proxy npm config rm https-proxy

Some strange issues can be resolved by the following commands :
npm cache clean

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